Saturday, August 16, 2008

you 'aint got no alibi.

tick tock clock - musee d'orsay - paris, france

last night might very well be my favorite night downtown sb of my entire career.  
get this:
7:15pm - start drinking georgia jams (see 'the fuzz is half the fun' post)

9:00pm - five tall drinks deep, i sit transfixed on the olympic beach volleyball match playing on nbc

9:15pm - twelve chicks, one dude, and i hop into a van cab (i obviously brought a little fun for the road)

9:30pm - arrive downtown sb.  head to sharkeez to enjoy cocktails free of charge

10:30pm - arrive at indochine where the charismatic, fantastic lydia hu most generously provided bottle service for our massive group.  i proceeded to see several people who i haven't seen since graduation. such a trip.

11:15pm - mozied over to statemynt to shake it with a fun crowd.  naturally, i encouraged handsome friends to hug it out.  never gets old.

1:00am - HILARIOUS MOMENT! so i'm walking toward the dance floor when this awkward and unattractive dude says to me, "i really like your earrings."  i look at him, give him a thumbs up, and laugh out, "seriously? what a lame line."  i walk away not thinking anything of it.  

1:10 am - the same guy crosses my path again.  he stops me and says, "you are the ugliest person i've ever seen."  aaaahahahaha.  butthurt much?  to that i offer, "wow, really?  good story."  (miss taryn gifford pointed out today a response that would've been far more fitting: "oh really?  well you're not invited to my birthday party")  for a second or two i was a little shaken, then i realized how ridiculous the situation really was--the irony of a hideous person saying that i was ugly.  suck it homeboy.  

1:15am - i tell my sister.  she, hammered, says, "where the fuck is he?!" i point in the general direction.  she grabs the wrong guy by his shirt.  shouts something at his face, and grabs a bouncer claiming that she's been hit by him.  my favorite moment: she puts her hand right next to her temple and makes a mini clam wave saying, "bye bye.  yep. bye bye. you're outta here. don't fuck with my sister."  

1:16am - the error was corrected. i befriended the wrongly accused party.  and the real perpetrator managed to be rejected by everyone, all night long.  that was revenge enough. 
it pays to have a badass bitch for a sister.

2:00pm - take a cab back to i.v. with a french driver.  we discuss french films and my love for the language (and my intense desire to learn).  all the while, lightening and thunder thrash about in the sky.  NUTS.

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