Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when you and your mind take a walk.

food for thought - thrifty decor - cow hollow, sf, ca

two saturdays ago while friends were knocking back oysters and beer at the festival featuring the former, i was busy scouring my favorite vintage decor store on union street. (i use the word favorite loosely, as i have absolutely no clue what the place is  called and have been there only twice.  come to think of it, the first time i entered the front door was in effort to escape the homeless man who had followed me from the bus and proceeded to curse my very existence for a solid block.  in retrospect, i suppose i should feel a level of gratitude toward the hissing man for thrusting me into such a throwback).  

it's hard not to get a kick out of the store's organization strategy.  i imagine there to be five distinct players:  bob likes items organized by decade while darlene prefers them to be separated into color stories.  then there's ralph who goes around moving stuff just to keep things interesting--most often making inanimate objects appear sexually inclined to their neighbor.  cindy is in charge of signage and is fond of neon and exclamation points (this entire room 40% off!!!!!!!!!!!!). then there's chief who runs the joint.  he doesn't give a shit about the greater details so long as all the purple-lensed-john-lennon glasses are kept in the locked case where the damn hipsters can't get to them.  

check your baggage at the door.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

sixty-four ounces?

front door fountain - my house - napa, ca

i'm sure many of you can relate to my issue with hydration. life as a to-and-fro assistant leaves me parched most of the time, and that certainly does nothing for the betterment of my day. i've been told by more than one trustworthy source that a person should consume the equivalent of half his/her body weight in fluid ounces. so...

you weigh x pounds
x/2= y (number of ounces you should drink per day)
y/8= glasses of water per day

drink up. and no, the tonic water in your cocktail doesn't count.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


lookout - francisco street - russian hill - sf, ca

in the volume that is my life, my mom plays the lead supporting role.  she's my go-to.  and though she tends to repeat herself and has trouble with textual communication, she really is perfect.  i would'nt be here, typing away, without her.  
love you, mom.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

sterling-studded saturday.

stripped of silver - by the pool - napa, ca

there are few things better than lying in the sun with the latest issue of the new yorker, dogs by my side.  i love napa.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

mindful maize and the corner store.

my grocery cart - trader joes - sf, ca

they've reorganized the trader joe's on bay street.  i realized the difference when greeted with champagne instead of sparkling water--cake mix rather than dried plums (formerly known as the prune).  in any case, i reoriented myself and got to thinking.  who decides where things go? who is the almighty grocery god who reigns over the isles and their shelvy inhabitants?  there's gotta be some sort of specialized consultant.  because you and i both know that the granola guy behind the counter has got other things on his mind (his girlfriend, his fixi, and the handle of jack waiting for him at home). don't get me wrong, i've been known to dig on a few of those barcode scanners, but i have more than a hunch that the architect behind the change has done his homework.  he's measured the traffic.  he's calculated the ratio of cart width to that of the isle.  he's made the shopping experience even better than before.  

my top tj picks:
chocolatey cat cookies (for people)
organic 1% milk
nineteen-cent bananas
latin style black bean soup
whole wheat cous cous
ak mak crackers
turkey bacon