Tuesday, March 29, 2011

for strangers and kin.

stamped on a house - filbert st - sf,c a

when i see a placard--whether it be on a bench, on a building, or on the ground--i feel an overwhelming desire to decipher what is says. if you were to have one made, what would it say? and where would you put it?

Monday, March 28, 2011

path to becoming gm, baby.

favorite tree - filbert street - sf, ca

i am SO proud of jon libbey.
the oakland athletics couldn't have chosen a better intern.




down jasper alley - north beach - sf, ca

one of my very best friends, amanda scott terry, is far away in panama, three months into her twenty-seven month peace corps adventure. she is an incredible woman, and i thought that well before she decided to offer herself up for service. but now, knowing that she is en route to a village sans electricity, sans running water, sans internet and cell phones, i am all the more humbled by her involvement. if anyone can thrive and impact others along the way, it's my girl amandita.

sending positivity and gratitude for the inspiration.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

grin to the drops.

the possibilities - wooden letters - sf, ca

so what if it's raining. get over it. look at how amazing your life is! people love you. you have interests and friends and a cozy bed with cotton jersey sheets. you choose what you'd like to eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. you have a lamp on your bedside table and two candles on your desk if you're feeling ambitious. oh, and you're going to miss your boots once summer rolls along, so just go with it. remember your umbrella. say oops instead of shit when you inevitably step into water that's way deeper than expected. we are lucky. this is the lucky stuff, i tell you.

cristóbal of color.

anemone flower bundles - fresh from the farmer's market - sf, ca

tonight is the opening of the balenciaga and spain exhibition at the de young museum. if you're interested in fashion and the dying art of couture, i suggest you pay a visit (now through july 4, 2011).