Wednesday, January 28, 2009

horses of oz. chameleons us all.

my room - third year of college - 6687 trigo a - isla vista, ca

how great would it be to have a wall-color remote--a device that would allow you to change the shade/pattern/appearance of your walls in a single click.  for instance, at this moment i would be feeling 17th century floral wallpaper.  that or something gold and rococo.  click. black.  click.  quilted plum velvet.  click.  click.  click.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

breathing bobbles. lusting after luxury.

chandelier - in a decor store - st. helena, ca

i love pretty much everything about working at a luxury retailer.  aside from the ever-so-apparent fact that it doesn't afford me the opportunity to afford much at all.  as of late, i'm coveting so many things.  the oversized chanel 3.55 quilted tote.  the embroidered white cotton, rhinestone-encrusted bubble skirt by chloe.  every single oscar dress on the rack (aside from their kaftans.  lord knows i can't pull off a kaftan).  the neon pink patent leather todd's loafers.  all marni accessories.  the list goes on.  i need to find a way to make more dough.

boxes in boxes in bars on buses.

rusty gate - somewhere old - sf, ca

last saturday was pro-life day.  i was unaware until stepping foot onto the bus on my way to work.  as i walked toward the back, i noticed two ministers (clergymen make me inherently uncomfortable.  i feel like they're always in pursuit of exposing my sins.  i'll keep them on lock thank you very much).  anyway, i sat facing them and watched my house grow small in the rear window.  sitting diagonally across from me was a man, clearly drunk (mind you it was ten a.m.).  sitting behind me was his female friend who continued to encourage mr. intoxicated to listen to his ipod.  he declined the offer and instead kicked up his feet.  about a minute later, the following ensued:

female(f): joey, there are idiots on this bus
joey (j):    whaa?
f: pro-life idiots. fucking idiots.
j: [expression of utter confusion]
f: look at them with their fucking signs.
(a solid minute of similar mumblings)
f: (to the ministers) so today is pro-life day?
minister (m): every day is pro-life day
f: pffff. you're not fucking pro-life. you ruin life. do you realize how over-populated you are making the world? do you see the world around you? look at all of these people.
m: are you saying that you want to get rid of all these people?
f: i'm saying that there are too many stupid fucking people having babies that should never be born. do you know how many white trash idiots are born because of you? babies that will never be taken care of?
m: you want to get rid of those babies?
f: do you want to take care of them?
m: we will take care of all of the Lord's children.
f: Oh, all of the Lorrrrrrd's children. What if they don't believe in the Lorrrrd?
m: We embrace all those who accept the Lord into their hearts.
f: Well where do you get off anyway? Telling a woman what she can do with her own body? You shouldn't have a fucking say! You can't tell me what I can and can't do with my body!
(words were exchanged arguing (illogically and childishly) about the definition of conception
m: Well I can tell you what you can do with your body of you can tell you unborn child what they can do with theirs
(at this point I was DYING inside. dying because i expected a practiced argument from the ministers. dying because this woman was representing my points of view, and she was struggling at doing so. clearly angry. clearly illogical and uneducated))
f: I hate you people more than any other organization. You don't even realize how much harm you're doing. You're sitting there fucking stupid and you don't even know it. You're in San Francisco, man. Go fucking home.
joey: Shit, I just want a beer.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

clam hand. bye bye.

from my sister's balcony - heaven - isla vista, ca

as much as i love the city, there is--and will always be--something about the isla v. the slummage. the bicycles (and the babes who ride them). the co-op and the sunshine and boozing daytime.

nostalgia aside, i had a killer trip. spent four consecutive days listening to pop champagne while popping champagne. letting the beat build on the balcony. and van morrisoning at sunset. for all of you who remain living in that square mile of hedonism and perfection, i advise you to live it up. every single second. and when you do, take a picture. because those who don't know, won't believe you without proof (see above).

until next time.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

unleash. we're in the park now.

bully the bulldog - north beach - sf, ca

i am ECSTATIC about the coming weekend.  it's going to be madness--allll kinds of madness.  

in other news, i passed some interesting people in my life today.  one: a small man sitting on a flight of green, stone steps repeating the following phrase: "i get paid."  quickly.  over and over again. it sounded something like this: "i gepay igepay igepay igepay."  i wondered if he were talking to his smokin' hot lady friend on the other end.  lord knows his looks weren't getting him anywhere fast.  two: a waddler.  i'm talking big man, tiny steps.  walked like a teetering bowling pin.  quite funny.  three: a million mediocre-looking men in suits.  the financial world needs a good tailor, a good haircut, a lesson in sock etiquette, and a briefcase that isn't made out of microfiber.  

tomorrow. the day after. the day after that.  and the day after that day after will be bliss.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

boys in suits with matching friendship bracelets.

my favorite alley - north beach - sf, ca

this is me officially encouraging everyone to discover and love the band, a, b, & the sea.  my fast friends--the band members--are new to the san francisco area (they hopped in a van a couple weeks back in wisconsin intent on conquering the sf music scene).  a few chit chats later i was at their first show at hotel utah, and it was mind blowing.  so so so good.  check them out.  buy their cd.  better yet, tell everyone you know, and come to a show.  

love pretty much everything about this damn city.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

oh nine so fine.

my clutch - somewhere in my life, ca

oh man.  it's on, people.  i normally don't feel too warm about odd numbers--i'm more of an even digit kind of girl--but there is something about this year already.  let's start with the fact that nine rhymes with so many words: wine, dine, fine, sign, rhine, shine, line, mine, pine, stein, vine et. al.  a bounty of poetic opportunity. and then there's the crisp, clean feeling of cracking open a brand new calendar--as long as said calendar doesn't feature cats or kittens or other feline-specied animals.  and wasn't yesterday so fresh feeling?  i mean, after the twinge of shots past subsided, it was all sorts of fantastic.  anyway, i'm amped.  it's going to be a killer year.