Wednesday, January 14, 2009

unleash. we're in the park now.

bully the bulldog - north beach - sf, ca

i am ECSTATIC about the coming weekend.  it's going to be madness--allll kinds of madness.  

in other news, i passed some interesting people in my life today.  one: a small man sitting on a flight of green, stone steps repeating the following phrase: "i get paid."  quickly.  over and over again. it sounded something like this: "i gepay igepay igepay igepay."  i wondered if he were talking to his smokin' hot lady friend on the other end.  lord knows his looks weren't getting him anywhere fast.  two: a waddler.  i'm talking big man, tiny steps.  walked like a teetering bowling pin.  quite funny.  three: a million mediocre-looking men in suits.  the financial world needs a good tailor, a good haircut, a lesson in sock etiquette, and a briefcase that isn't made out of microfiber.  

tomorrow. the day after. the day after that.  and the day after that day after will be bliss.

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