Wednesday, July 30, 2008

isla veeeesta.

it's so surreal to be back here in isla vista.  i'm staying with my sister for a week or so in her amazing new place on dp.  the view is still life changing.  and as much as this part of my life is in the past, i'll never be too old or too sophisticated to come back and have a serious amount of fun.  so here's to fiesta weekend and the confetti-filled eggs to come!
(photo by jessica craig martin)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

birchwood never tasted so good.

i'm currently chewing my go-to tea tree chewing sticks.  
if you're not in tune with the times, they're essentially tooth picks soaked in refreshing menthol-tasting oil.  best after a meal or several cocktails, the sticks pump up your breath when it's struggling.  whenever you choose to chew, you're bound to look like a serious badass.  i strut a little harder with one in-mouth. 

i purchased mine at a natural foods store in the haight, but i know they're available at whole foods as well.  enjoy! 

oh, and for all of you smokers out there: i've talked to many a cigarrette lover, and several attest that these little babies help quell the cravings.

Monday, July 28, 2008

curry curry me home.

(my favorite barn/loungy spot in oakville)

i was reminded tonight of two things:

1. that i absolutely LOVE indian food.  and this is the kind of love that is particular to tastebuds--that unbelievable feeling when craving meets crock pot deliciousness.  mmmm.  and even though it's complete bullshit, whenever i'm eating indian food, i imagine my metabolism switching to super-speed mode from all of the spices.  then my brain kicks in, and i remember that they don't call is sag paneer for naanthing. (terrible joke).

2. that i've found such a perfect friend in amanda terry.  we have a killer time together.  and that's not even the half of it.  talk about a woman who understands the value of talking it out when it needs to be.

okay 3. i love san francisco a little more every time i return. 

Sunday, July 27, 2008

mama [shoot] mia.

tonight i saw mama mia under the influence of my sister's strong arm.  within ten minutes i was ready to leave and get my ten bucks back.  but we stayed and laughed at the cliche cabaret--absolutely terrible.  and i don't even dislike musicals necessarily (i loved sweeny todd).  it was all too corny and forced and awkward.  not my jam.  though pierce brosnan is seriously sexy.  so i'll give them that.


i randomly happened upon BANKSY, the internationally renowned, "anonymous" graffiti artist, two days ago while browsing the early morning away. 

i recognized his work from somewhere--hell, i might've walked past his graffiti without realizing. in any case, i love the way he thinks.  he is completely fearless when it comes to challenging mainstream ideology.  the man, the myth, is just so damn smart.  

check him out at the link provided.
and then read this piece  by lauren collins of The New Yorker.
and this one too by nigel perry of electronic intifada dot net.
banksy: where's waldo reloaded

job jobby job.

for the past six months or so, i've had the horrible task of explaining and re-explaining my unemployed status.  sure, i kept myself going with the intermittent service job, but we all know that i don't thrive when my shit isn't in line.  

in short, life post-college kicked my ass over and over again.  i've never felt so uncomfortable.  on a daily basis i thought to myself, "seriously? why didn'
t anyone mention that life is hard and that graduating with a bachelors in communication and professional writing means jack shit when you're up against a city of young people who are more experienced and more willing to kiss corporate ass?"  

then i realized that i needed a serious attitude adjustment.  so i killed the pity party, sat down to my journal, and wrote down all of the things i want out of a job.  without divulging my inner-workings, i realized that i was too quick to abandon my love for clothes and the fashion industry.  too willing to defeat my ambitions to be a fashion editor.  so with a little help from my marni mistress rachel, i applied for a jo
b that actually piqued my interests.

several interviews and a drug test later, i got some fantastic news:

i am the new CHANEL assistant at the san francisco neiman marcus.

what the job entails:
assisting the head rep/buyer with duties related to personal shopping, merchandising, and promotion of the label.  there will be, without a doubt, a ton of tasking and grunt work involved.  as long as i'm out of a cubical, i'll survive.

i start august 18th.  until then, i'll be occupying my time with backpacking and getting my wardrobe up to par.  and to think, this is only the beginning.