Saturday, August 30, 2008

brain boosting bonanza.

the british museum - london, england

so you miss college?  not so much the fifteen-page papers and adderall-fueled cram sessions, but more so the simple act of learning--of being in the presence of brilliant professors.  well friends, i've been waiting for this, the right time, to introduce you to

"TED stands for technology, entertainment, design.  it started out (in 1984) as a conference bringing together people from those three worlds.  since then its scope has become even broader.  the annual conference now brings together the world's most fascinating thinkers and doers, who are challenged to give the talk of their lives in 18 minutes."

i randomly discovered ted two years ago, and have been watching ted talks ever since.  if you ever have twenty minutes to kill, skip your twenty-eighth visit to facebook, and give it a chance. any talks pertaining to the brain and quantum physics are particularly good.  2, 4, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? ted! ted! yeah! 3, 6, 9, 12, who do we like besides ourselves? ted! ted! yeah!  

Thursday, August 28, 2008

take it to the coast.

outhouse - coast trail - stinson beach, ca

i'm in need of a beach house.  this one-hundred degree heat is definitely not my jam.  wouldn't it be just perfect to have a little beach shack in bolinas?  somewhere to escape the three digits and relax with wealthy hippies.  so down.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

ninety-nine cents plus tax.

hey bird - london, england

true thrift stores are hard to come by.  so many vintage and second-hand places promise great deals and finds, but i normally end up leaving with a frown because the things worth trying on are the opposite of pennywise.  fortunately for me, my beloved value center of vallejo, california is still as affordable as ever.  granted, you have to plow through fields of mervyn's brand t-shirts and tapered levi's, but the gems are there and certainly worth the effort.  

if anyone knows of a great thrift store in sf, please let me know.  i'm sick of wasteland and buffalo exchange.  i'm looking for a major money saver.

closetful of chloe.

stunner - peter som fall 2008 - peter som studio - new york city, ny

my mom and i took a quick trip into the city today.  i squared away paperwork at neiman marcus and saw my bedroom for a split second.  afterword, we shopped for a bit and i found a few great items--can't wait to sport the multi-colored belt.  super retro.  and even though i try to resist, i held a handful of bags that altered my universe (all of which i can't afford in the least).  i've got my sights set on the most beautiful chloe creation--but it kills me to think that something i tote around can cost more than a month's rent.  the bargain broad in me nearly passes out at the sight of the price tag.  

chloe camp: if you're reading, i would love the following to appear as gifts on my doorstep.  at your convenience of course:
boudoir medium tote - stone goatskin and violet lizard (in order of preference)
joan large shoulder bag - honey calfskin and stone python

take a minute to delight in fall 2008 ready-to-wear.  i just sat here in front of my macbook with my eyes closed, imagining what it'd be like to have looks 2, 7, 10, and 15 in my closet.  i wouldn't know what to do with myself.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

[D]on't drink the water. [M]other father. [B]artender.

city blooms - somewhere in the marina - san francisco, ca

in twenty hours i'll be watching dave and the band from twenty-three rows back.  can't wait!  too excited!

can you can can?

pre-seal peaches - my kitchen - napa, ca

every once in a while it's nice to get back to my domestic roots.  today kate, her mom lori, my mom, and i had a mother-daughter bonding sesh--we learned how to can fresh peaches.  it's pretty simple--just a matter of picking, peeling, syruping, and sealing--and like anything, it turns into a competition with yourself to see how well you can do each task.  i can confidently say that i liked peeling the best.  once a peach bobs in nearly boiling water for 30-40 seconds and is then transfered to ice cold water, the flesh pulls away from the skin.  this ultimately makes the peeling process a breeze--and once in a while you get a skin that can be peeled completely in one piece.  thrilling stuff.  and a delicious product that is life changing over vanilla ice cream.  now, where to put thirty 20oz. jars?

finished cans - my kitchen - napa, ca

Friday, August 22, 2008

rocky and rosie love life.

rosie post shake - my backyard - napa, ca

rocky post digging for gofers - my front yard - napa, ca

i'm really feeling the new katy perry single, hot n cold.  and i'm seriously in love with my dogs.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

here kiddie kiddie.

zinnia - euser farm - napa, ca

children think the oddest things, and i love that about them. when i was still nannying for ashlyn and tessa, they reminded me how much humor happens in the figuring out of things. i was quite the same way. until i was about five years old, i thought that my grandparents lived in the sky because we had to fly to see them. i called grilled cheese "girl cheese" for a good decade--always wondering, why don't they call it boy cheese? i confused the word 'errands' with 'erins' (my sister being the ever effervescent erin eleanor euser), so whenever my mom went to run "erins," i was left with an image of my she and my sister running around in circles.

and i continue to realize a good handful of my long-held "knowledge" is pretty off. lucas kacher, my go-to, facty, know-how friend, only a couple months ago enlightened me that rogets (as in the thesaurus) is pronounced ro-jhay not ro-gets. my brain blushed as it often does when corrected. all the same, i'm allowing myself to be royally peeved when broadcasters continue to mispronounce beijing (bay-JING, people. bay. JING.)

somewhere a sad sax.

everything blue - somewhere along the 101

dave matthews band and i reunite on monday, and i'm ecstatic about it.   though, i was devastated to hear about saxophonist leroi moore's passing yesterday--he was such a talent.  so charismatic and cool.  i'll miss him on that stage, but when i run past the waves listening to proudest monkey or bartender, i hope he smiles knowing that he's always got a place on this earth in me.

grizzly green.

grass - my backyard - napa, ca

my garden at home in napa is looks like a billion dollars.  flourishing to the nth degree. it is currently featuring the following:
peaches (white and yellow)
heirloom tomatoes
apples (gala, granny smith, and gravenstein)
 cantaloupes (which i didn't know how to spell until this very moment)
onions (green, red, pearl)
peppers (bell and jalepeno)
lettuce (red, romaine, and field greens)
french prunes
pumpkins (my favorite being the cinderella variety)
squashes (too many to list)
and i'm forgetting a million things...

tonight for dinner literally everything on our plate was either grown or caught by my dad.  we had grilled alaskan salmon caught forty-eight hours prior on his fishing trip in alaska, grilled zuccini, roasted potatoes, sliced heirloom tomatoes, beets, and green salad. deeeeeelish. 

 i think that's what i miss most when i'm gone from home--being able to run into the yard and fill the fridge.  having a craving for a juicy peach or even ripe figs topped with gorgonzola, and having it within my ability to see them from the tree to the plate and into my bod.  nothing like it.  and since erin already has dibs on the euser enclave, i've gotta develop a game plan to duplicate this organic wonderland somewhere else when time comes to settle.  note to self: i might need a higher paying job and a husband with a knack for all things green.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so not on the dot.

leather on leather - my car - somewhere, ca

monica botkier is designing a line of bags for target.  i am not okay with that.  whatever happened to not selling out and manufacturing overseas?  tisk tisk ms. botkier.  i still love my trigger, though it's looking a little worse for wear as of late.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

mend with time. the sun will shine.

hello sunflower - euser farm - napa, ca

hallelujah.  i'm feeling much better today.  didn't even have to take a percoset, so that is a super plus.  my mom visited the holistic pharmacy this afternoon and came home with a whole bag of body-friendly bootie.  we'll see how the herbs treat me.

and i know i'm behind, but i'm obsessed with santogold's L.E.S. Artistes. get at it if you haven't already.  and friends who've called, i'll call you back tomorrow.

Monday, August 18, 2008


vintage lawn flamingo - encinitas, ca

without divulging too many gruesome details, i had to undergo an emergency surgical procedure three days ago.  don't fall off your chair.  don't lose your little mind.  because i'm doing that for you.  i'm bound to the couch--[cute] doctor's orders--and am taking a daily cocktail of prescription narcotics.  beyond my sometimes unbearable pain, my first day of my new career has been put on hold as well.  and that honestly breaks my heart more than anything.  i just want to sell some chanel, damnit!  

thank the lord i have a mother who can tolerate my occasional gripes and constant requests for toast and water.  think good thoughts for my recovery.  i'll be in napa until my body's back in tip top. 

Saturday, August 16, 2008

you 'aint got no alibi.

tick tock clock - musee d'orsay - paris, france

last night might very well be my favorite night downtown sb of my entire career.  
get this:
7:15pm - start drinking georgia jams (see 'the fuzz is half the fun' post)

9:00pm - five tall drinks deep, i sit transfixed on the olympic beach volleyball match playing on nbc

9:15pm - twelve chicks, one dude, and i hop into a van cab (i obviously brought a little fun for the road)

9:30pm - arrive downtown sb.  head to sharkeez to enjoy cocktails free of charge

10:30pm - arrive at indochine where the charismatic, fantastic lydia hu most generously provided bottle service for our massive group.  i proceeded to see several people who i haven't seen since graduation. such a trip.

11:15pm - mozied over to statemynt to shake it with a fun crowd.  naturally, i encouraged handsome friends to hug it out.  never gets old.

1:00am - HILARIOUS MOMENT! so i'm walking toward the dance floor when this awkward and unattractive dude says to me, "i really like your earrings."  i look at him, give him a thumbs up, and laugh out, "seriously? what a lame line."  i walk away not thinking anything of it.  

1:10 am - the same guy crosses my path again.  he stops me and says, "you are the ugliest person i've ever seen."  aaaahahahaha.  butthurt much?  to that i offer, "wow, really?  good story."  (miss taryn gifford pointed out today a response that would've been far more fitting: "oh really?  well you're not invited to my birthday party")  for a second or two i was a little shaken, then i realized how ridiculous the situation really was--the irony of a hideous person saying that i was ugly.  suck it homeboy.  

1:15am - i tell my sister.  she, hammered, says, "where the fuck is he?!" i point in the general direction.  she grabs the wrong guy by his shirt.  shouts something at his face, and grabs a bouncer claiming that she's been hit by him.  my favorite moment: she puts her hand right next to her temple and makes a mini clam wave saying, "bye bye.  yep. bye bye. you're outta here. don't fuck with my sister."  

1:16am - the error was corrected. i befriended the wrongly accused party.  and the real perpetrator managed to be rejected by everyone, all night long.  that was revenge enough. 
it pays to have a badass bitch for a sister.

2:00pm - take a cab back to i.v. with a french driver.  we discuss french films and my love for the language (and my intense desire to learn).  all the while, lightening and thunder thrash about in the sky.  NUTS.

michael phelps blows my mind.

excellent butt sticker - the barn house - isla vista, ca

i know that i'm in great company when i say that the olympics are the best thing that's happened to summer 2008--and michael phelps has so much to do with it.  tonight i watched his seventh race of the beijing games.  his performance was beyond words.  it was fucking magical.  winning by one one-hundredth of a second?!?!  are you kidding me?!  the guy's got some incredibly potent good vibes going on.  not to mention he's worked his ass off for four years.  so this is my official tip of my [swim] cap to my little phelpsy.  i love his little face--and the beautiful bod surely doesn't hurt.  

and i'm fascinated by synchronized diving.  the chinese must be robots.  

Thursday, August 14, 2008

[pod]cast a line out to sea.

sherbet sunset - isla vista, ca

i highly recommend that you subscribe to all of the new yorker's podcasts, accessible via itunes.  they discuss generally what's happening in their most recent issue--ranging from the campaign trail to reading and discussing an archived piece of fiction.  and if there's still time left in the day, npr's 'story of the day' is awesome (and brief) as well.  perfect for the daily commute, and far less redundant than your 'chill mix' on repeat.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

sea spectrum.

balcony days - 6561 del playa drive - isla vista, ca

told ya.

soup, salad, and sunset.

rockefeller center - nyc

there is something so spectacular about the evening--especially that hour or so when both the sun and the moon's fingerprint are present in the sky.  tonight erin, taryn, and i ate a delicious dinner on the balcony, and the night was perfect.  cool enough for our soup and warm enough to be comfortable in a t-shirt.  i nearly passed out when van morrison's sweet thing came on. 
infinite ocean, silly jokes, mismatched beach chairs, and the sky's color-changing performance.  i know for a fact that i've never been this content.  

Monday, August 11, 2008

the fuzz is half the fun.

grassy hills - marin headlands, ca

first sunday funday of my life. i've created a new life changing drink:
absolut peach vodka
sweet and sour mixer
soda water
lemon wedge (or two)
seriously delicious.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

thorn me.

saguaro cactus - scottsdale, az

there is something about cactus that is so alluring to me.  i have an irrational desire to touch them despite the thorns.  in that effect, they're a lot like men.

strangeness of strangers.

when i pass a stranger, i always consider whether or not we would be friends if properly introduced.  and if a boy is particularly sturdy and good looking, i wonder whether or not fate is telling me to bump into him "on accident."  the woes of wanting to know everyone.

Friday, August 8, 2008


a bear of a chair - the campanga brothers - moss soho nyc

why do men and women become police officers?  i passed four patrol cars while running today, and each time i glanced over to see what the drivers' faces looked like.  one hundred percent of the time i was greeted with a straight-faced, sun-glassed stare.  no smile.  no nod.  no wave.  i started to wonder where their minds stood--whether or not they expect the worst out of everyone they roll by.  or if they remind themselves that people generally tend to be well intentioned.  i considered what kind of people choose to cross the line of jurisdiction.  a bad boy converted.  a woman who wants to even the playing field.  maybe someone who actually thinks that they can lend an impartial hand.  needless to say, i kept running and thinking and never really came to any conclusion other than that i can't imagine a uniformed man's reality.  

Thursday, August 7, 2008

perma youth.

cabbage from the euser farm

went for a bike ride to sands beach today and decided that i need to create a potion to preserve my youth.  not that i'm young necessarily.  but this time of my life deserves a second go-around.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

plenty of peace to pass around.

kid robot - haight ashbury - san francisco

the peace sign has made a serious revival people.  though we've all exhausted the two-finger pose, the circular sign remains quite prominent in all arenas of life.  i've passed several cars having peace sign stickers.  they're on tee-shirts at saks and satchels at urban outfitters.  at this very moment my middle finger dons a gold peace sign ring.  i guess the more the merrier.  and really, when i flip off the chick who cuts me off in the fast lane, i suppose the ring lessens the sting.  so i encourage you all to invest in everything la paz.  if not, promote it with a smile :) 

if only i could actually fly.

i downloaded free bird by lynard skynard this afternoon while scrolling through a list of the top 100 rock songs of the 70s.  i'm not entirely sure that its author is an authority on the subject, but who is really?  let's just say i have quite a few new jams on my itunes.  

since then, the classic has been on repeat--separated, on occasion, by chris brown's get down.  every time the former plays, i'm reminded of the scene in forrest gump where jenny is clearly desperate, balancing on her hotel room's balcony ledge in heels.  that moment in the film makes me incredibly anxious, but the song does quite the opposite.  

imagine the view from up there.

Monday, August 4, 2008

so thankful.

in this moment, i am thankful for everything.
for my incredible sister.
for the fiesta weekend that reminded me that i can still hang.
for isla vista's remaining charm.
for board games and long walks.
and most of all, for the rush of happiness not induced by alcoholic beverages (though i do enjoy that kind as well).
part of me wishes that i could be this carefree forever, but i think all of the nostalgia i'm feeling at the moment is here to remind me that i can make an isla vista wherever i go.  though i'm not sure many places can top the view from this room.  

and it's rocky and rosie's (my dogs) fifth birthday!