Tuesday, June 30, 2009

curiosity squashed the peach.

tag, you're it - mysteries of my front yard- napa, ca

wednesday, while at work, i met a six-year-old named georgia.  she was the wandering, curious daughter of a client who was busy browsing around the sale racks.  georgia was your typical,  bratty-seeming little rascal, but i'm a sucker for anyone under three feet, so i gave her the chance that any single-digit person deserves.  her interest in me was clearly reluctant--she, keeping her distance near the tweed-upholstered seats.  eventually though, her curiosity got the best of her.  our interaction went something like this:

me: "hi"
g: "hi"
me: "how's it going?"
g: "good"
me: "oh good. what's your name?"
g: "georgia.  what's your name."
me: "leah.  how old are you?"
g: "six. ::long pause::  are you getting a cold, or is that what your voice really sounds like?"
me: "this is what my voice really sounds like."
g: "oh."
me: "does my voice sound weird?"
g: "kinda."
me: "how old are you again?...oh right, you're six."
g:  how old are you?"
me: "guess."
g: "are you still in school?"
me: "nope, i'm finished with school. i'm old."
g: "fifteen?"
me: "nope."
g: "sixteen?" i shake my head no.  "seventeen." shake.  "eighteen." shake. "nineteen-twenty-twenty-one. twenty-two..."  
::she couldn't remember what came after twenty-two.::
g: "twenty-four?"
me: nod.  "good guess."  
[funny to think that when i was in the sixth grade, a second-grader thought i was twenty-five.  probably because i was then as tall as her mother.]  

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

if i could preserve that day in a plexi plastic case.

perfect little cupcakes - from crushcakes - santa barbara, ca

my sister and her five little monster best friends graduated a couple weeks back, and i'm just now finding a functional internet connection to write about it. what a day--what a series of days. knowing that it was their last weekend together in isla vista--having been in that very place just two years prior--i was obviously nostalgic, but i wasn't as sappy-soaked as i thought i'd be. i suppose i was too busy click-clicking my camera to bother with boo-hoos. plus, the pride resonating from my face was blinding, so i'm sure nobody would've noticed the tears if they were to have been streaming anyway.

a saturday night, a sunny morning, and six name-calls later, my girls graduated. i am supremely proud. blow-horn proud. dollar-bill-lei proud. glitter-sign-the-size-of-a-space-shuttle proud. and i am quite sure they will continue to do me so.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

in the middle of odds and evens.

a mix of things - cow hollow - sf, ca

i'll be twenty-four tomorrow.  it's hard to believe that this two-three thing i've been clinging to since two-two is about to end.  the two-one in my heart can't believe it.  i think i'll make this last day of my fleeting youth a young one.  maybe i'll finger paint.  yeah, or ask a thousand questions just for the hell of it.  i wonder if my boss would mind if i came to work in gap overalls, a white t-shirt, velvet converse, and a sweet plastic baby-g watch.    

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


community garden - fort mason - sf, ca

i just got home from seeing pixar's UP in 3-d.  brilliant.  touching.  hillarious.  it makes me want several things: 

1. to float--without fear of falling--from a bundle of balloons
2. to find a way to manufacture a dog collar that can translate what rocky and rosie are clearly trying to say.
3. to find a chubby kid sidekick to waddle around with.
4. to eat a lot of dark chocolate.
5. to create an adventure book of my very own.

go see the movie tomorrow.  you will fall in love over and over and over again.