Saturday, February 28, 2009

stormwatch. sunshine on the horizon.

view from the break room - nm - san francisco, ca

in the two weeks that've passed since last posting, much has transpired.  my sister came for a valentine's visit.  she, for me, is a bundle of magical fairy dust.  the motivation in my motor.  the free-range in my organic chicken entrĂ©e.  the sea salt on top of my carmel-drizzled sundays (and yes, that was a play on words.  i know that the edible sort is spelled with an a-e).  and i've said this before, but there is nobody in the world i feel more content with--nobody who can wring the rhine so effortlessly.  you should've seen us on friday the 13th, cutting a serious--and i'm talking beyonce-serious--rug on the starlight room dance floor.  and the rest of the weekend was a newspaper-wrapped slab of breakfasts and thrift shopping and not enough time. 

funny how everything pales in comparison in the weeks following a visit from the triple e.  in any case, i left-right-lefted it into a new week, bummed out a little bit, and ultimately decided that positive people are meant to stay that way.  so i gathered myself and here i am again.  so fortunate to be employed.  so fortunate to have come out of my gum surgery just fine.  and so fortunate to have a mother like the one i do.  supportive, and giggly, and gushing with love.  i mean, who else props me up after a couple valium and a gallon of novocaine? who else folds my laundry while i'm passed out post-op?  yep.  i'm pret.ty lucky.

Monday, February 9, 2009

new to the cab game.

lights on - erin martin showroom - st. helena, ca

on saturday evening--after digging myself out of the chinese new year parade crowd--i made a quick run to safeway where (note to yourself) absolut apeach is always on special.  on the way, i was walking behind a boring dude.  normal clothes.  even pace.  and then he changed my life by pulling the spazziest move i've seen in a while.  he abruptly turned his head toward the street--having heard a car--and immediately threw up his left hand as to hail the oncoming vehicle.  low and behold, the sadan wasn't a taxi at all.  it was a roundtable pizza delivery guy.  and when he noticed that i noticed his mistake (this all happening in a matter of two seconds), he actually took his raised hand brought it down to smooth the side of his hair.  gotchya buddy.  thanks for the chuckle.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

four little study buddies.

mod squad seating - erin martin's showroom - st. helena, ca

this post is dedicated specifically to my quadruple cuties (erin, taryn, liz, and rachel) who are studying for midterms down at ucsb.  good luck girls.  love you all.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

avert your eyes. those heels are too high.

constant inspiration - erin martin's showroom - st. helena, ca

i am so so opposed to women who pair light denim with stilettos for day. seriously?  it deserves an italicized lisp even: theereeuthly? i only bother to bring up [what i presumed was] the obvious because my eyes were offended this afternoon by a chick who thought her don't was a do.  there was a swagger in her strut, a slight bend in her bag-holding hand that made it quite apparent that she thought she was hot shit.  no honey, your ass-tight, acid wash wranglers aren't cute, and neither are those black leather things clacking all over town.  get a grip and grab a clue--or at least a chunky shoe with attitude.