Saturday, February 28, 2009

stormwatch. sunshine on the horizon.

view from the break room - nm - san francisco, ca

in the two weeks that've passed since last posting, much has transpired.  my sister came for a valentine's visit.  she, for me, is a bundle of magical fairy dust.  the motivation in my motor.  the free-range in my organic chicken entrée.  the sea salt on top of my carmel-drizzled sundays (and yes, that was a play on words.  i know that the edible sort is spelled with an a-e).  and i've said this before, but there is nobody in the world i feel more content with--nobody who can wring the rhine so effortlessly.  you should've seen us on friday the 13th, cutting a serious--and i'm talking beyonce-serious--rug on the starlight room dance floor.  and the rest of the weekend was a newspaper-wrapped slab of breakfasts and thrift shopping and not enough time. 

funny how everything pales in comparison in the weeks following a visit from the triple e.  in any case, i left-right-lefted it into a new week, bummed out a little bit, and ultimately decided that positive people are meant to stay that way.  so i gathered myself and here i am again.  so fortunate to be employed.  so fortunate to have come out of my gum surgery just fine.  and so fortunate to have a mother like the one i do.  supportive, and giggly, and gushing with love.  i mean, who else props me up after a couple valium and a gallon of novocaine? who else folds my laundry while i'm passed out post-op?  yep.  i'm pret.ty lucky.

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