Thursday, March 5, 2009

fixating on the screen, while the little people stand and scream.

prickly cactus - cacti nursery - phoenix, az

what is it with people and karaoke? i suppose i understand the appeal of fulfilling unsung dreams of sing-song stardom. and i guess there is that inevitable element of being supremely hammered that can coax anyone into the arms of a stranger bearing both mic and lyric sheet.  but today, i discovered an entirely different genre of the audible sport.  while walking by a small apothecary on the 1000 block of stockton street, i took notice to a small group of people huddled around a fifteen-inch zenith tv.  and what were they watching?  yep.  karaoke on tape.  i liken their screen fixation to that of my relationship to earthly creatures like the cactus pictured above.  even though i know it'll pain me, i touch the damn thing anyway.

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