Tuesday, March 10, 2009

if there's gold in them hills, why ain't we walkin' faster?

view from hollister ranch -  santa barbara county, ca

i know i'm not the only twenty-something out there wondering how to get from a life of getting by to one of success and savvy.  figuring that billionaires past would probably have an idea in the matter, i googled jean paul getty, whose legacy--and bank roll--continues to reign over this very city.  his formula for success? "rise early, work hard, strike oil." well that's nothing i haven't heard every day of my life, though my dad puts it a little differently.  his motto--one of hundreds, i kid you not--reads, "work hard, save your money. "  looks like what it comes down to is getting down to the get down--to seizing opportunity, whether it be fuel in the ground or a mine in your brilliant little head.  on your mark...get set...g to the o.

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