Tuesday, September 21, 2010

enter where bargains and budgets collide.

shipping palette - few miles form home - napa, ca

there is something so gratifying about costco. several things, really. the thrill of pushing a super-sized cart through wide isles. the rush of realizing that you can purchase 100 tortillas for $3.00. the insanity of witnessing a mayonnaise jar that huge. the samples. the people-watching. fantasizing, if just for a moment, that you could totally survive within that warehouse space for a lifetime if you really had to.

all i know is that i leave satisfied. yet, always wishing that my items purchased could and would walk themselves up my massive flight of stairs into their respective storage spaces.

alas, organic raspberries and razor blades for everyone!

tuesday and tomorrow.

bleeding heart - claremont avenue - oakland, ca

it's all going to be worth it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

beneath it. looking up.

coit tower - telegraph hill - sf, ca

i often have the feeling that i know everything and nothing all at once.

this is the time[s]. figure it out.

looking east - from my spot on telegraph hill - sf, ca

last week the times put twenty-somethings on blast. while reading the article, i found myself agreeing mostly with what was written. that those of us in our second decade of life are milking any excuse not to kick ourselves in the ass and go for what we want.

sure, further education, teach for america, et. al sound like reasonable decisions, but am i awful for thinking that postponing the plunge into the real world might not be the best idea for everyone who is down on their employment luck? no matter when a young person starts working--with whichever degree in tow--he or she is going to have to work. and to succeed, you have to work fucking hard.

it takes so many thousand dollar paychecks to make a million. and many millions to actually afford that presidio heights palace with a maserati in the driveway.

just saying.

i think we all need to get real. seize our strengths. stop whining. and get back to basics. me included. obviously.