Tuesday, February 3, 2009

avert your eyes. those heels are too high.

constant inspiration - erin martin's showroom - st. helena, ca

i am so so opposed to women who pair light denim with stilettos for day. seriously?  it deserves an italicized lisp even: theereeuthly? i only bother to bring up [what i presumed was] the obvious because my eyes were offended this afternoon by a chick who thought her don't was a do.  there was a swagger in her strut, a slight bend in her bag-holding hand that made it quite apparent that she thought she was hot shit.  no honey, your ass-tight, acid wash wranglers aren't cute, and neither are those black leather things clacking all over town.  get a grip and grab a clue--or at least a chunky shoe with attitude. 

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