Monday, February 9, 2009

new to the cab game.

lights on - erin martin showroom - st. helena, ca

on saturday evening--after digging myself out of the chinese new year parade crowd--i made a quick run to safeway where (note to yourself) absolut apeach is always on special.  on the way, i was walking behind a boring dude.  normal clothes.  even pace.  and then he changed my life by pulling the spazziest move i've seen in a while.  he abruptly turned his head toward the street--having heard a car--and immediately threw up his left hand as to hail the oncoming vehicle.  low and behold, the sadan wasn't a taxi at all.  it was a roundtable pizza delivery guy.  and when he noticed that i noticed his mistake (this all happening in a matter of two seconds), he actually took his raised hand brought it down to smooth the side of his hair.  gotchya buddy.  thanks for the chuckle.

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