Wednesday, June 24, 2009

if i could preserve that day in a plexi plastic case.

perfect little cupcakes - from crushcakes - santa barbara, ca

my sister and her five little monster best friends graduated a couple weeks back, and i'm just now finding a functional internet connection to write about it. what a day--what a series of days. knowing that it was their last weekend together in isla vista--having been in that very place just two years prior--i was obviously nostalgic, but i wasn't as sappy-soaked as i thought i'd be. i suppose i was too busy click-clicking my camera to bother with boo-hoos. plus, the pride resonating from my face was blinding, so i'm sure nobody would've noticed the tears if they were to have been streaming anyway.

a saturday night, a sunny morning, and six name-calls later, my girls graduated. i am supremely proud. blow-horn proud. dollar-bill-lei proud. glitter-sign-the-size-of-a-space-shuttle proud. and i am quite sure they will continue to do me so.

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