Saturday, August 16, 2008

michael phelps blows my mind.

excellent butt sticker - the barn house - isla vista, ca

i know that i'm in great company when i say that the olympics are the best thing that's happened to summer 2008--and michael phelps has so much to do with it.  tonight i watched his seventh race of the beijing games.  his performance was beyond words.  it was fucking magical.  winning by one one-hundredth of a second?!?!  are you kidding me?!  the guy's got some incredibly potent good vibes going on.  not to mention he's worked his ass off for four years.  so this is my official tip of my [swim] cap to my little phelpsy.  i love his little face--and the beautiful bod surely doesn't hurt.  

and i'm fascinated by synchronized diving.  the chinese must be robots.  

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