Thursday, August 21, 2008

grizzly green.

grass - my backyard - napa, ca

my garden at home in napa is looks like a billion dollars.  flourishing to the nth degree. it is currently featuring the following:
peaches (white and yellow)
heirloom tomatoes
apples (gala, granny smith, and gravenstein)
 cantaloupes (which i didn't know how to spell until this very moment)
onions (green, red, pearl)
peppers (bell and jalepeno)
lettuce (red, romaine, and field greens)
french prunes
pumpkins (my favorite being the cinderella variety)
squashes (too many to list)
and i'm forgetting a million things...

tonight for dinner literally everything on our plate was either grown or caught by my dad.  we had grilled alaskan salmon caught forty-eight hours prior on his fishing trip in alaska, grilled zuccini, roasted potatoes, sliced heirloom tomatoes, beets, and green salad. deeeeeelish. 

 i think that's what i miss most when i'm gone from home--being able to run into the yard and fill the fridge.  having a craving for a juicy peach or even ripe figs topped with gorgonzola, and having it within my ability to see them from the tree to the plate and into my bod.  nothing like it.  and since erin already has dibs on the euser enclave, i've gotta develop a game plan to duplicate this organic wonderland somewhere else when time comes to settle.  note to self: i might need a higher paying job and a husband with a knack for all things green.

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Nikki said...

Your home sounds like paradise!