Friday, August 8, 2008


a bear of a chair - the campanga brothers - moss soho nyc

why do men and women become police officers?  i passed four patrol cars while running today, and each time i glanced over to see what the drivers' faces looked like.  one hundred percent of the time i was greeted with a straight-faced, sun-glassed stare.  no smile.  no nod.  no wave.  i started to wonder where their minds stood--whether or not they expect the worst out of everyone they roll by.  or if they remind themselves that people generally tend to be well intentioned.  i considered what kind of people choose to cross the line of jurisdiction.  a bad boy converted.  a woman who wants to even the playing field.  maybe someone who actually thinks that they can lend an impartial hand.  needless to say, i kept running and thinking and never really came to any conclusion other than that i can't imagine a uniformed man's reality.  

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