Thursday, August 21, 2008

here kiddie kiddie.

zinnia - euser farm - napa, ca

children think the oddest things, and i love that about them. when i was still nannying for ashlyn and tessa, they reminded me how much humor happens in the figuring out of things. i was quite the same way. until i was about five years old, i thought that my grandparents lived in the sky because we had to fly to see them. i called grilled cheese "girl cheese" for a good decade--always wondering, why don't they call it boy cheese? i confused the word 'errands' with 'erins' (my sister being the ever effervescent erin eleanor euser), so whenever my mom went to run "erins," i was left with an image of my she and my sister running around in circles.

and i continue to realize a good handful of my long-held "knowledge" is pretty off. lucas kacher, my go-to, facty, know-how friend, only a couple months ago enlightened me that rogets (as in the thesaurus) is pronounced ro-jhay not ro-gets. my brain blushed as it often does when corrected. all the same, i'm allowing myself to be royally peeved when broadcasters continue to mispronounce beijing (bay-JING, people. bay. JING.)

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