Monday, July 28, 2008

curry curry me home.

(my favorite barn/loungy spot in oakville)

i was reminded tonight of two things:

1. that i absolutely LOVE indian food.  and this is the kind of love that is particular to tastebuds--that unbelievable feeling when craving meets crock pot deliciousness.  mmmm.  and even though it's complete bullshit, whenever i'm eating indian food, i imagine my metabolism switching to super-speed mode from all of the spices.  then my brain kicks in, and i remember that they don't call is sag paneer for naanthing. (terrible joke).

2. that i've found such a perfect friend in amanda terry.  we have a killer time together.  and that's not even the half of it.  talk about a woman who understands the value of talking it out when it needs to be.

okay 3. i love san francisco a little more every time i return. 

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