Sunday, July 27, 2008

job jobby job.

for the past six months or so, i've had the horrible task of explaining and re-explaining my unemployed status.  sure, i kept myself going with the intermittent service job, but we all know that i don't thrive when my shit isn't in line.  

in short, life post-college kicked my ass over and over again.  i've never felt so uncomfortable.  on a daily basis i thought to myself, "seriously? why didn'
t anyone mention that life is hard and that graduating with a bachelors in communication and professional writing means jack shit when you're up against a city of young people who are more experienced and more willing to kiss corporate ass?"  

then i realized that i needed a serious attitude adjustment.  so i killed the pity party, sat down to my journal, and wrote down all of the things i want out of a job.  without divulging my inner-workings, i realized that i was too quick to abandon my love for clothes and the fashion industry.  too willing to defeat my ambitions to be a fashion editor.  so with a little help from my marni mistress rachel, i applied for a jo
b that actually piqued my interests.

several interviews and a drug test later, i got some fantastic news:

i am the new CHANEL assistant at the san francisco neiman marcus.

what the job entails:
assisting the head rep/buyer with duties related to personal shopping, merchandising, and promotion of the label.  there will be, without a doubt, a ton of tasking and grunt work involved.  as long as i'm out of a cubical, i'll survive.

i start august 18th.  until then, i'll be occupying my time with backpacking and getting my wardrobe up to par.  and to think, this is only the beginning.

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