Saturday, January 3, 2009

oh nine so fine.

my clutch - somewhere in my life, ca

oh man.  it's on, people.  i normally don't feel too warm about odd numbers--i'm more of an even digit kind of girl--but there is something about this year already.  let's start with the fact that nine rhymes with so many words: wine, dine, fine, sign, rhine, shine, line, mine, pine, stein, vine et. al.  a bounty of poetic opportunity. and then there's the crisp, clean feeling of cracking open a brand new calendar--as long as said calendar doesn't feature cats or kittens or other feline-specied animals.  and wasn't yesterday so fresh feeling?  i mean, after the twinge of shots past subsided, it was all sorts of fantastic.  anyway, i'm amped.  it's going to be a killer year.

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Rachel Katz said...

8 is my favorite number. And the only cat I liked was the one I dissected in high school (not totally 100% true but ironic considering the source, no?). So again, I'm thinking we're sisters from another mister, my fellow gemini/writer/fashionista!