Tuesday, January 27, 2009

boxes in boxes in bars on buses.

rusty gate - somewhere old - sf, ca

last saturday was pro-life day.  i was unaware until stepping foot onto the bus on my way to work.  as i walked toward the back, i noticed two ministers (clergymen make me inherently uncomfortable.  i feel like they're always in pursuit of exposing my sins.  i'll keep them on lock thank you very much).  anyway, i sat facing them and watched my house grow small in the rear window.  sitting diagonally across from me was a man, clearly drunk (mind you it was ten a.m.).  sitting behind me was his female friend who continued to encourage mr. intoxicated to listen to his ipod.  he declined the offer and instead kicked up his feet.  about a minute later, the following ensued:

female(f): joey, there are idiots on this bus
joey (j):    whaa?
f: pro-life idiots. fucking idiots.
j: [expression of utter confusion]
f: look at them with their fucking signs.
(a solid minute of similar mumblings)
f: (to the ministers) so today is pro-life day?
minister (m): every day is pro-life day
f: pffff. you're not fucking pro-life. you ruin life. do you realize how over-populated you are making the world? do you see the world around you? look at all of these people.
m: are you saying that you want to get rid of all these people?
f: i'm saying that there are too many stupid fucking people having babies that should never be born. do you know how many white trash idiots are born because of you? babies that will never be taken care of?
m: you want to get rid of those babies?
f: do you want to take care of them?
m: we will take care of all of the Lord's children.
f: Oh, all of the Lorrrrrrd's children. What if they don't believe in the Lorrrrd?
m: We embrace all those who accept the Lord into their hearts.
f: Well where do you get off anyway? Telling a woman what she can do with her own body? You shouldn't have a fucking say! You can't tell me what I can and can't do with my body!
(words were exchanged arguing (illogically and childishly) about the definition of conception
m: Well I can tell you what you can do with your body of you can tell you unborn child what they can do with theirs
(at this point I was DYING inside. dying because i expected a practiced argument from the ministers. dying because this woman was representing my points of view, and she was struggling at doing so. clearly angry. clearly illogical and uneducated))
f: I hate you people more than any other organization. You don't even realize how much harm you're doing. You're sitting there fucking stupid and you don't even know it. You're in San Francisco, man. Go fucking home.
joey: Shit, I just want a beer.

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