Wednesday, May 20, 2009

when you and your mind take a walk.

food for thought - thrifty decor - cow hollow, sf, ca

two saturdays ago while friends were knocking back oysters and beer at the festival featuring the former, i was busy scouring my favorite vintage decor store on union street. (i use the word favorite loosely, as i have absolutely no clue what the place is  called and have been there only twice.  come to think of it, the first time i entered the front door was in effort to escape the homeless man who had followed me from the bus and proceeded to curse my very existence for a solid block.  in retrospect, i suppose i should feel a level of gratitude toward the hissing man for thrusting me into such a throwback).  

it's hard not to get a kick out of the store's organization strategy.  i imagine there to be five distinct players:  bob likes items organized by decade while darlene prefers them to be separated into color stories.  then there's ralph who goes around moving stuff just to keep things interesting--most often making inanimate objects appear sexually inclined to their neighbor.  cindy is in charge of signage and is fond of neon and exclamation points (this entire room 40% off!!!!!!!!!!!!). then there's chief who runs the joint.  he doesn't give a shit about the greater details so long as all the purple-lensed-john-lennon glasses are kept in the locked case where the damn hipsters can't get to them.  

check your baggage at the door.

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