Thursday, November 13, 2008

women in menswear and the power of it all.

beauty and the (bow tie) beast - MAiSONRY - yountville, ca

for the past two weeks, fashionistas san francisco-wide have been gushing over the yves saint laurent retrospective being featured at the deyoung museum.  without question, the man was a genius--a visionary and creator of an empowered female silhouette.  i had the opportunity to see several of the looks featured in the collection, and i was shocked that my ysl knowledge was so lacking.  i've only been familiar with the late-eighties, early-nineties collections.  the iconic power suit and brilliant colors that are still most present in what has become of the house.  but there was a time when the label was a brilliant combination of boho and glamour. of carefree and polish.  let's just say mr. laurent has a knack for remaining relevant.  cheers to that.  and cheers to cheersing all weekend long!

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