Tuesday, November 4, 2008

congratulations america. thank you, obama.

a little sacrilege never hurt anyone - yountville, ca

i woke up this morning three hours before having to go to work.  not because i'm an early riser--many can attest that i'm quite the opposite-- but because i've never felt so invested in a single election.  when i drew that black, felt-tipped line to complete the arrow pointing to obama, i closed my eyes wanting to remember that very moment for the rest of my life.  and i think i will--voting in someone's garage has such an unbelievable charm.  and the camaraderie among voters waiting in line is quite strong in a place like san francisco where many people uphold my love for my man barack.  so thank you everyone for voting today.  

let me have an AMEN.  hell, i'd like a HALLELUJAH as well.  tomorrow is today is our future right away.  yes we can.

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