Monday, November 24, 2008

can you believe that one brain can carry and contain it all?

cranes, big ones - from the ferry - vallejo, ca

five things:
1. when i pass a person with an ipod, i want to know what they're listening to.  
2. it pisses me off that all san francisco parking signs contain a grammatical error: no parking from 2am-6am everyday.  every space day, people.  every. space. day. i've been told that i need to relax about it.  i think the city should consider hiring a copyeditor.  hell, hire me.
3. i'm going to start asking people to guess my name.  i feel like the answers would be interesting.  and for the record, i tell creepy guys that my name is holly.  i've never been questioned.
4. when walking through the stockton tunnel on my way home from work, i choose a person far ahead of me to secretly race to the end.  i normally win.  i have considerable stride advantage. 
5. yesterday while at trader joe's i overheard a man and a woman discussing how unripe the avocados were.  terribly so.  he then said to his curly-haired companion, we'll just put them in a brown paper bag with an apple.  magic!  i totally need to eavesdrop more often.

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