Monday, November 24, 2008

oh vinni, everything about you is positively glowing.

beams - Qs - santa barbara, ca

i've always classified myself as an overthinker. i toil with ideas until they are so tired, so exhausted in my head. take now for instance. i just sat in front of this screen for at least ten minutes with the featured photo just staring at me, thinking, what the hell should i write? what have i been thinking about lately that is at all relevant to this picture? when really, all i want to discuss is my favorite little neighborhood man. first, he wears strictly khaki-colored clothing. normally chinos with a beige golf shirt and tan loafers. second, he jogs while crossing the street. and i use the term 'jog' to convey his bodily movements. the word is not meant to imply that his pace is anything quicker than glacial. it is a most absurd scene--the arm-pumping, the unnecessary lifting of the knees. third, i've named him vinni. he's totally someone's round, smily uncle--the kind of man who tells the chubby girl how pretty she looks. he is what i've coined, human sunshine.

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