Sunday, November 2, 2008

why yes, i would love a glass of wine.

giant olive oil jug - MAiSONRY - yountville, ca

i believe in bringing reusable bags to the grocery store.  okay, you do it too.  practically everyone does.  but do you write "for a good time" in place of your name on the trader joe's raffle ticket?  i didn't think so.  in any case, i'm still waiting for the call.  i'm beginning to think that the whole fifty dollar gift certificate deal is a huge fraud.  

other than that, i had an interesting weekend.  made most enjoyable thanks to my personal sommelier slash conversationalist extraordinaire, evan.  his sitch over at coit liquor is pretty great--tons of foot traffic which grants me plenty of opportunity to talk to strangers.  or at least observe them from a friendly distance.  take tonight for instance.  i met a couple from italy--paolo (a serious wine connoisseur)and enza (a computer science professor)--and after talking for a while, they asked when i was coming to lake como.  i said, "soon" (lie).  which led to an open invitation to visit.  if only i had more dollars in my life.  then came luke, a waiter from boston who just so happens to work at de lucci's restaurant directly across the street from my house.  p.s. the place serves the best bloody mary i've ever found--perfectly spicy, a celery-salted rim, and a shrimp, celery, and olive garnish to boot.  oh, and then there was the douchbag who literally rolled into the store on his skateboard.  dude, you're not cool.  we're not impressed.  get the fuck out.  he felt the wrath and decided to "buy [his] beer elsewhere."  good riddance, bro.  

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