Thursday, September 11, 2008

the steamboat went to hello operator.

winking sunflower - my front yard - napa, ca

my sister currently "kid-sits" for a family.  when i call her in the afternoon to ask what she's doing, she replies "hanging out with my friend marshall."  at first i thought that the repeatedly mentioned marshall was a new love interest.  low and behold, it's the boy she babysits.   she refers to him as such at the request of his wacky mother.  to her--the mother who is likely named linda or kathryn--i have the following message: kids need to toughen up.  your child can handle when my sister says the word babysitter.  might as well break 'em in because before long, he's going to be on the third grade playground.  and that means the introduction of swear words (the first place i ever read the word 'fuck' was on the slide--it was written in the dome portion adjacent to the takeoff point).  and anymore, i wouldn't be surprised if boys as early as nine were discussing who they were hooking up with the weekend prior.  just saying.

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