Wednesday, September 10, 2008

no peace in a mccain/palin presidency.

meadow - ellwood butterfly preserve - goleta, ca

so much information is buzzing in my little head.  i caught up on hours and hours of npr podcasts while stuffing and stamping envelopes for the friendship bridge fundraiser my mom is organizing.  strangely, i so enjoy seemingly monotonous tasks where i can compete with myself to see how efficient i can possibly be.  let's just say that i've become a master at the art of assemblage.  and just as i love the soft sound of a breeze passing through blades of grass, i oddly enjoy the sound created when cardstock meets its envelope home.  weird. sure.  but i believe it imperative to recall what i'm thankful for in instances where i feel frustrated. the whole political climate has me stressed.  we cannot let mccain--and palin especially--into the white house.  have you seen the upcoming cover of newsweek?  apparently she who totes a rifle, promotes offshore drilling, and mocks ambition to better our planet--among other denouncable things--is appealing to a whole bunch of people.  to be completely honest, every word that comes out of her mouth fills me with an insatiable urge to scream.  i cannot wait until the debates.  i hope she gets knocked on her ass.