Tuesday, September 2, 2008

lacquered lips and sailing ships.

my miniature mavens - double dutch - the mission - san francisco, ca

it isn't very often that my mom brings up the fact that i'm without a boyfriend.  in fact, she tends to completely avoid the subject of men entirely, as i consistently respond with an eye roll. simple and plain, i've always prioritized my friendships far above potential relationships.  so when my mom mentioned that once i'm settled back in sf i can start meeting "tons of handsome, tall men," all i could think about was how excited i was to be reunited with all of my incredible friends.  granted, i love me some man candy, but for now, i'm pretty content with being obsessed with those i know.

oh, the ambiance - le colonial - sf, ca

which brings me to the point of this post.  saturday night i hauled it back to the city and scrambled my way over to le colonial to surprise the queen herself, miss victoria dinh.  she's moving to nyc--brooklyn technically--to put her serious skills into motion on the east coast.  so  we wined and dined and toasted and reminisced about first-meetings.  pause. that's what i love so much about dinner parties--that rare opportunity to observe adoration.  okay, that sounds really cheesy, but it's so true.  how great is it to see people love each other and actually express that affection?  i mean, my drinking habits lend me many-a-stage to profess my feelings for people, but i still think that it should be done more often.  sidetrack over.  

we--the women and i--then spent a brief moment upstairs at le colonial.  a kamikaze later, hiking up a cement mountain, i was incredibly thankful to be wearing my fabulous, sparkly flats.  i really can't imagine how hard it must be to actually exist in heels.  on the rare occasion that i'm caught in a heeled shoe, i'm mostly standing and mingling.  never ever walking long distances.  nevertheless worried that everyone's eye-level involves a  view of my breasts.  awkward.  yet another tangent over. 

if brooklyn doesn't work out - strip club - sf, ca

i've decided to keep the rest of the tale brief.  so here's a bulleted version:
*walked uphill for a while
*stopped at a corner store to purchase a redbull for rachel and a screw-top bottle of mondavi sauvignon blanc (to obviously be killed on the way to the bar)
*made it to rachel's car--which definitely donned the club.  i didn't think people actually used them.  but vicki reminded me that she once lived in a sketchy part of the city.  so i guess it's only practical
the club - rachel's beem - sf, ca

*drank wine in the car--yazzy thankfully assisted me
*drove to double-dutch
*met up with kevin
six years running - double dutch - sf, ca
*left for skylark
*took pictures
*took a cab home and realized that it's really boring to be hammered alone.  so i went to bed.

all in all, such a fantastic night.  vicki is going to give brooklyn a run for its brass knuckles.  i can't wait to see what becomes of all of us.