Thursday, September 4, 2008

blue balls against blue sky on a sad tree.

wire chandelier - artefact - sonoma, ca

about a decade ago my dad did the landscaping for cornerstone gardens,the first gallery-style garden exhibit in the us, located in sonoma, ca.  in its time, the cornerstone place, which houses the gardens, has become quite the tourist attraction--most recognized feature being claude cormier's blue tree.  i've always intended to drop by but never made the time.  finally today i stopped to take a gander.

the heat deterred me from the outdoor exhibits--i'm saving those for a day in the future.  but i did wander inside artefact design and salvage.  the owner/buyer does an incredible job.  some of the salvaged pieces were genius--who gets rid of all that amazing stuff?  i need to get myself to the junk yard immediately.  more photos in future posts.

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