Monday, September 14, 2009

to find a way is to reach the sun before it falls.

the view - from telegraph hill - sf, ca

i often find myself wondering--however narcissistic it may seem--if i'm truly exceptional. if i am actually as interesting and gifted, maybe, as i fancy myself to be. the frustrating thing is that my own self-doubt is keeping me from doing what it is that i know i want to do. and on that same level, i waste time reassuring myself that i'm young and that things will pan out as they should. my dad tells me that there needs to be balance. my mom encourages me to baby-step my way into the future i want (in other words). and then i have my own voice telling me that i've always been an all-or-nothing character who has avoided challenge in fear of failure. in fear of criticism. what a cop out really. the only person standing in my way is me. and as many people can attest, i'm no small feat.

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bolger said...

i feel this way as well. but i think you should look in the mirror, read your blog, take a look around at others even, and realize that you are creative, beautiful, funny, intelligent, and have a unique outlook on each circumstance that confronts you. love you leah =)