Wednesday, September 9, 2009

take your glow worms and light up somewhere else.

lattice windmill arch - outside lands festival - sf, ca

we are entitled to make our own choices--to foster our own habits, better yet.  but seriously people, smoking is so 1991.  there is absolutely nothing cool about it.  packing your newports against your palm.  not sexy.  blowing forrest fire fumes out of your mouth.  gross. wasting hundreds of dollars per year on something that only leads you closer to your tomb.  fucking stupid.   oh, you say you only smoke when you're drunk?  how about you find an imagination and conjure up an excuse that is worth my damn time.  and while you're at it, trade your brain for a new set of lungs.  you're clearly not using the former, and you'll need the latter down the road.

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i just smash cigarettes up in my palm and snort the paper and tobacco.