Wednesday, September 9, 2009

be careful where you park your valuables.

fire through my nalgene - john muir trail - somewhere, ca

as i was walking home this evening--intently tweeting about the air's fall transformation--i was stopped by a young, disheveled looking guy.  stopped in an indirect way really, because i can hardly recall how it was that he came to my attention in the first place.  it's as if i just jelly-wobble-morphed into the position of interpreting the confusing combination of words and colors on the parking meter to his right.  he was coke-bottle glasses in front of me, and i was being trusted to inform, and to inform correctly.  so i read it over.  twice in my head.  once aloud.  once in unison with the guy.  and all i could think was that the city needed to hire a better sign editor, if such a position even exists.  i said, "you should be alright," and gestured to time portion and permit requirements.  "but i mean, i dunno.  are you feeling lucky?"  and he replied, "no, actually.  i've had a crazy day."  "crazy how?"  he was doing this nervous thing with his hands.  "well, i just had my laptop stolen."  "oh my gosh, that's horrible. how?"  "i checked it in the back of a thrift store, and somebody must've seen it back there, and they just stole it."  "well karma is on your side then.  the universe owes you." "yeah, or i could have my car towed."  i thought, he's right.  we threw a couple chuckles back and forth--his mixed with apparent anxiety-- and we eventually came to the conclusion that he better just park his beat up white toyota corola in the lot next door.  he thanked me for "all of my attention."  and i wished him "the best of luck." 

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