Tuesday, August 11, 2009

produce knowledge: hard avocado, green cure.

spindly little sunflowers - the garden - napa, ca

so you might have noticed as of late that grocery store avocados are one of two things:  ripe and overpriced or stone-hard and semi-affordable.  well, i refuse to spend $2.50 per fruit, so i'll share with you some knowledge i picked up in the check-out isle.  

place your yet-ripened avocados (i find that they ripen best in groups of three or four) in a brown paper bag (you're thinking, duh, everyone knows that).  BUT, here's the sparkle point that will put the yellow-to-green, buttery deliciousness in your sadly pre-picked produce:  
add a green apple to the bag.
why?  because i'm telling you to.  then give those suckers a couple days.  

but don't forget to investigate the potential of an avocado before buying.  if it's completely green, chances are it'll end up watery and not worth your while--even after a brown bag vacation.  and if it's too soft from the get-go, you're bound to find mushy bruise marks that'll inevitably gross you out.  so choose wisely, be patient, and add that avocado to everything your healthy heart desires.  

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