Monday, August 17, 2009

make them apples last.

compost heap - home - napa ,ca

i finally got to making apple sauce tonight.  as you can see, the apples at home abound.  they grow by the ton.  and i--channeling my inner john and carol euser--did what a smart person does when presented with ten pounds of quickly ripening gravensteins.  i made apple sauce.  

simple instructions:
1. start with tunes that remind you of home.  it is impossible to make good apple sauce without great background noise.
2. peel your apples
3. quarter and core the peeled apples
4. place quarters in a large pot (apples shouldn't rise above 2/3 mark)
5. add a 1/4 cup of water to prevent burning
6. cook over a medium flame, stirring frequently
7.  apples will begin to break down, and while they do, mash occasionally with your stirring spoon
8.  continue to cook, stir, and mash until--voila--you have delicious, homemade apple sauce.  

cooking time: approximately ten minutes
sugar: optional

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