Tuesday, July 7, 2009

this white light? fade to bright.

the greenhouse - my front yard - napa, ca

i just finished watching the michael jackson memorial slash tribute.  and i'll tell you what.  i'm pretty bummed about the whole thing.  that music--his music--has so been a part of my growing up.  most notably during my free willy obsession.  most recently as part of the pick-me-up soundtrack to my  stomp home.  bearing witness to all of the grief across the world, i've begun to realize that some of the unity cliches used to describe the king of pop really are true.  i suppose 'man in the mirror' in my ipod sounds the same in your ipod as it does in the ipod of a kid all the way in moscow.  and you know what?  we're all feelin' it.   

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