Saturday, July 18, 2009

those who disobey their mothers.

that's right - beachside - isla vista, ca

so many things cracked me up today.  the following takes the cupcake.

setting: market street walgreens
character: chubby chinese kid
props: ruby red cell phone
dialogue: "did you get in trouble?" long, anxious pause.  his face squished up in apparent pain.  "please say no.  please say no.  please say no.  please say no. please say no."

i passed him before i could hear the outcome.  but i can totally recall being young and pissed at a friend who was selfish enough to f up just in time for the weekend.  you didn't put your power rangers away after you used them?  you snuck a lollipop on no-sugar saturday and got the damn thing stuck in your sisters hair?  now she has a bob?  way to go, idiot.  i guess i'll be jump-roping to a million by myself.  whatever, you don't even know how to count past one-hundred anyway.  

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