Wednesday, October 8, 2008

tip-toeing into the chanel ocean.

steps to dp beach - isla vista, ca

and to think, just two months ago i was lounging beachside in isla vista.  now i'm on the fast track to retail prowess.  i'm of course flattering myself beyond belief.  becoming the newest chanel assistant has been somewhat intimidating, but i've done my best to take everything one step at a time--and i've been taking pages upon pages of notes on the way.  

so here's my day in a nutshell:
*get dressed.  no joke, choosing an ensemble can take up to an hour--but i do so religiously the evening prior.  "this goes with this.  no this would be better with that.  oh, i wish i had those kate spade flats, they would make 'x' skirt and blouse look so much more put together with 'y' necklace."
*eat breakfast while listening to my daily npr podcasts.  i'm starting to realize why all the women around me are so waify.  sometimes i'd much rather sleep fifteen more minutes than eat a couple pieces of toast.  but i do.  because i'm far grouchier when hungry than when sleepy.
*make lunch.  i'm on a budge.  no room for spending $10 per day.  i'm currently consuming a ton of lentils, avo, and tomatoes.  bomb dot com. and trader joe's cat cookies too.
*hop on a bus for eight to ten minutes, depending.  normally plagued with stares from little chinese women who wonder what planet i'm from.  by the way, what is it with chinese women and their affinity for prom shoes--like jeweled, satin, strappy sandals--with casual clothing.  i don't get it.
*exit bus.
*walk two blocks.  along the way passing all of my new construction worker friends who are working on the new gucci store on stockton that had forcasted to open this month.  they're behind.  probably because tool-belt tom and jackhammer jason are spending too much of mr. gucci's money greeting passersby.  thought i do most appreciate the gesture.  

to be continued...i'm exhausted

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