Sunday, October 5, 2008

a festful weekend.

peace house - up a winding road - santa barbara, ca

i had such an unbelievable weekend.  oktoberfest and lovefest in a single day?! nuts.
*pre-parting at susan, heather, and audpod's.  very few things are as fun as being buzzed in the morning.  
*running to catch the thirty only to meet an amazing kid with purple and black checked pants.  
*oktoberfest in general was a blast.  but seeing the one and only ms. lindsey mitten transformed the day from fun to fucking fantastic.  
*tripping out over the mini sb reunion.
*treking to lovefest.  rescued a girl from her sidewalk disaster.
*running into people i haven't seen in days and days.  years even.
*powering through with the help of coors original.  
*seeing taylor and bailey in the marina.  obviously impressed that we were each still on top of our games.  
*meeting up with amanda at circa.  only to meet her football-star suitor.  biggest man i've seen  in my whole entire life.  no joke.  get lifted.

today has been a lounge-fest.  lots of laundry, cleaning, and relaxing... you know the drill.  from what i've heard, friends from all around have shared in the weekend-to-end-all-weekend insanity.  le'ts just be glad that we've all survived.

oh, and one other thing.  i've been made aware of the blue grotto of the island of capri.  i need to get there as soon as possible.

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