Wednesday, October 1, 2008

split pea. minestrone. chicken noodle doodle.

models need nourishment - fashion week january 08 - new york city, ny

tonight was a night that will birth nights like it in the future.  tonight was the advent of what i like to call, the soup group.  that's right people. the soup group.  though three friends were invited, only lindsay and i were present to enjoy homemade butternut squash and apple curry soup with homemade, whole-wheat croutons and field greens over heirloom tomatoes.

we've decided that each week the soup group will meet at a new location (one of our four houses) and will feature a new soup.  i'm stoked.  let the broth ferries and bouillon-cube cupids prepare their haunches for a hearty helping of warm, savory goodness.

(more info about my new career later.  for now, i love it.)

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