Wednesday, February 17, 2010

i think i'll walk, thanks.

the things you see while roaming - somewhere near the notre dame - paris, fr

this morning on my way to work, about four blocks into my ten-block bus ride, i realized that i'd left my phone at home. the anti-device-dependency half of my brain said, you can do life without that thing for a day. not even a day. eight hours. the business-minded half reasoned, girl! who are you kidding? remember the last time you forgot your phone? yeah? and? and??

so i hopped off the bus, which i'm sure had a few people wondering what my deal was.

in any case, i walked a block back toward my place only to realize that my phone was in a small side pocket of my purse the entire time.

rather than hop back on the bus, i walked more-or-less next to it all the way through chinatown. and you know what? my day was better for it.

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Rachel Katz said...

you're my favorite!