Tuesday, February 9, 2010

construction paper kisses.

crafting a love profession - my desk - sf, ca

who says that valentine's day is for the coupled? i say it's for lovers. so if you feel, give, or receive love, then celebration is warranted. i don't care if the whole holiday is a corporate scam. you, thoughtful friend, know how to purchase and craft pink and red construction paper into a masterpiece. and if you don't, i suggest you bribe that little, precocious kid in your neighborhood. he or she will love an excuse to pry into your mysterious adult life--who's it for? are you married? why not? because why? can i use the scissors? really?! mommy says that glitter is an outside game. mommy was lying? et cetera, et cetera. bring your ammo. and write from your heart.

1 comment:

Jason Tinacci said...

Lady, you're wicked genius!