Wednesday, April 1, 2009

fluffy layers of flour and egg with a side of spice and nice.

my hoodies, stacked - my closet - sf, ca

went to dosa on fillmore tonight for dinner.  mindddddddd-shattering.  earth-quaking.  i can't believe i put off going for so long.  i'll never look at crepes or curry the same way again.  tonight was the food equivalent of looking up on the bus only to realize that a gorgeous man in eight inches away from your face.  you kinda never want it to end. ever.  still metaphorically speaking, this man is someone you'd write a missed connection about.  he's that beautiful.  you're sure he'd never lose his boyish charm, his five-star attitude.  if you haven't found him, hop on the 2 or the 22 and keep your eyes peeled for a yellow building on the corner.

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