Tuesday, April 28, 2009

drive down the 101. take a right. or a left. and you're there.

my spot - sands - isla vista, ca

i spent so much time sitting right there on that bench overlooking sands,  thinking about so many things all by myself.  and now, just looking at that spot--that little planted plank of contemplation--sends me into a headspace of nostalgia and happiness and longing and confusion even still. but there's one thing i'm quite sure of--one thing that quells my craving to live it all again:  that i can always go back.  and that's just what i did.  we did.  my alumni kin and i.  we took iv and sb by storm.  hugged and drank and smiled and danced over and over again until the end.  and on the drive home, i got a little emosh thinking about all i left behind.  all of my favorite thought-time spots.  houses and balconies and pitchers and pounding speakers and pardall pleasantries.  but you know what i kept?  the memories. 

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