Tuesday, December 16, 2008

when you angle it just so the magic happens.

close to dark - the presidio - sf, ca

as much as i love my little digi, i'm starting to have qualms with the digitilization (i made up the word just now) of photo taking.  seriously, i'm so sick of viewing album after album of girls standing in a row, their right-angled arms propped on their hips.  there's no spontaneity, no life in those pictures.  and what's the point of having eighty versions of you and your three sexy girlfriends all looking perfect?  borrrring.  there are just so many more interesting subjects to focus on.  so many different perspectives to capture a moment from.  so work on it people.  and get back to me when you do.

p.s. ms. laura hyatt is my first official blog follower.  i don't know how she did it, but i encourage everyone to do the same.  thanks laur!


allison said...

i very much agree.

L Hyatt said...

always an inspiration ms. euser. its my pleasure indeed!