Wednesday, December 17, 2008

strut to the sounds and wait with the waves.

so so clear - my city - sf, ca

i once fancied myself an anti-ipod-bubble person.  but i've become a walk-to-and-fro-to-a-tune tottie as of late.  the moment i step onto the landing of my staircase the music starts.  and it doesn't cease until i cross the threshold of neiman marcus.  it really makes life quite simple.  i can't hear the chatter of passersby.  strangers seeking directions look elsewhere for a point toward union square.  the strange man sitting across from me doesn't bother to ask the time or where i'm headed.  then again, where's the fun in that routine? walk walk. half a song. flip through overplayed august 08 playlist (that actually contains december songs). walk walk listen walk listen walk.  but today when my pod died, i was reunited with the merriment of this city's buzz.   

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